Wednesday, January 28, 2009

hi there friends...what a fab day it was today...
both kids back to school..and miss evy off to high school
.awwww my lil girl is growing up so fast ...
thanks to miss M for giving me the morning off to be with Evy
not that she needed me at all....
her bag weighs 10 kg..omg ..poor little girl having to lug that around...
im thinking maybe some roller bag will do the trick.....
but before i share a pic of evys first day..
here's a couple of quick pieces i threw together this afternoon

Evy and her bestie Maddie
some of her crew .hehehe
my lil one ..almost lost in the crowd
quote of the day
the student is ready
the teacher will appear."
— Lao Tzu


Pamela said...

How was your day birthday buddy. You look like you are going to enjoy high school.

Love Pam

PS Tell mum I say Hi!!!

Scrapaholic 'tine said...

OMG Witchy - how cool 20kgs... I sooo need your drive.... you look so damn good - you go girl

Evy looks sooo happy - gorgous photos.

Vesna said...

Hi there,

WOW.....20 Kgs, that is fantastic, well done.

You have also been tagged.


Steph Devlin said...

Lisa, you have some seriously gorgeous art happening here. im loving the colours of the rainbow and butterflies and all things arty. you do it so well. such an artist...... happy birthday ..... hope everyone had a great day celebrating YOU.
Steph xo

Lucy said...

Oh wow Witchy !! 20kgs YAY !!!
I knew by your photos you had lost a heap of weight but when you see the photos side by side it really stands out. You go girl !
I am so proud of you.

Lucy -
Ps ... coming to warana again ??

Sandra said...

omgosh... Lisa... i cant believe the trandformation in your "then and now" layout.. you are one HOT chicky...
Perhaps you can blog share your secret to success!?