Sunday, January 18, 2009


Theres been some excitment building in my house .
theres been a trip planned north and todays the day .....

the bags are packed
the kids are ready to roll....
off to Scotts Head with dad for a carey family holiday ,yay
look at those happy faces,aint they beautiful,so excited to get away ,be with cousins.
theres something magical about summer vacations ,
and im glad they can share the beach and fun with dad,
while i stay here for work....
wish i was there kids........
creatively I've
been working on this one
finished this one
a bit of slap happy fun

quote of the day
Celebrate the happiness that friends are always giving,

make every day a holiday and celebrate just living!"
Amanda Bradley
found this on my desk when the kids left.....
TA ..i love you too.


willowthewysp said...

I live in hope, that one day, my boys will be as thoughtful as that!
And i spy a cutting mat in the background that looks remarkably like mine!!Very well used and worn!Lol!
Love and lightxx

blinksoflife said...

this is awesome! love the torn page effect..the colors so fresh too
have a good day Lisa!