Monday, January 12, 2009


i love my job...

so it was a delight to get back to work and catch up with everyone. im super tired,those very very late nights/mornings are catching up with me ,i need an early night, so ill be putting off finishing this baby,which i need to complete..but i suppose being able to focus on a piece is important,right .i attacked this one with textured paste and crackle medium(thanks Tim Holts for your superior distress product,i think i need it in every colour).maybe i could just play with product for an hour........................yaaaaaaawn ....well maybe not quote of the day

"How do people go to sleep?
I'm afraid I've lost the knack.
I might try busting myself smartly over
the temple with the nightlight.
I might repeat to myself, slowly and soothingly,
a list of quotations beautiful from minds profound;
if I can remember"

Dorothy Parker,American short-story writer and poet, 1893-1967
if you havent read any dorathy parker...please hunt some
she is one of my favourite writers of all time
sweet dreams

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