Sunday, January 11, 2009

and its the last day of my holidays ...grrrrr
but i am excited to get back to work and see all my little possums,
see how they liked chriatmas and summer playtime,
see my gorgeous work buddies and get stuck into the year ahead
the kids have been a blast to have around,and i would love to adopt this gorgeous girl
my girls just love her ,and angie wouldnt part with my twins
so dani .if i had the room,you would be stolen and whsiked away to live with us...
mwah babe.
thanks for sharing our night and day
brendo..charming young man ,we loved having you with us with all the girls.hehehhe
your manners are impecible,company a blast and you also are welcome to stay with us anytime
my heart sisters...aww im going to miss your energy over the next few weeks...have fun in qld..give pete a hug for me and i'll see you when you get back
heres some pics from our day

daily pic 10-365-2009

an unfinished piece inspired by another artist
inspired BY WORDS
hope you had a delightful weekend


Francine said...

your photography is gorgeous and so are your girls..sounds like you had a full house..always fun when that happens, i enjoy popping into your blog, its always cheery..

Pamela said...

Wow I love all your shots they are great! enjoy going back to work! but guess what I am back on holidays.

xo Pam

tracey said...

okes i had a bit of reading there to catch up. YOU LOOK FABULOUS - and your work that you have been working on isn't half bad... you have inspired me to start my walking again too... just thought i would chuck that tidbit in again for good measure.

Enjoy all your beautiful creativeness that is flowing out of you at the moment and i will be back for sneak of your newest projects soon... ohhh and have a fabulous day at work when you get there.

blinksoflife said...

ooo gorgeous MM paper? its perfect with the photo witchy! looking at the flowers on your LO.. I'd love to put some on mine now..

Ayesha said...

i must say you rock..... i was just passing throughand if a blog catches my eye then i tend to read from the very very beginning and thats what happened with your blog your family are fab and your work is cool im so happy i found you