Sunday, January 25, 2009

SHALOM friends ...
i hope you have had a gorgeous day..ahhhhh its 25* much more pleasant than yesterdays atrocious wether conditions...
so i have a few things to share ,seems i jhave a little mojo flowing thur me atm....
i dont know if its the utter silence(except for my tunes)
or the clean space im scrapping in atm..but its there and i'm loving it..
so this first layout..welll its one of those ones that you lay your pics on
to then it gets put aside for literally months ,
and then it gets found and you have absolutely
no idea where this one was heading..
obvously thats why it got put aside in the first place .
come on you know exactly what im talking about? ..right? ...
well i still dont know what to do with it ,so a bit of paint.some musical pp and
a title and well thats about all thats happening
now miss ruby and others have asked about my paint technique..
and cause im a sharer..heheh i thought id run thru it here with you.hehhehh
you know ruby id love to show you in person,
maybe next holidays we could organize something anyway we go
of cause i adore brights out with your paints girlies.....
1.pick your fav colours or ones to suit your pics and off we go
2.randomly put spots of paint on your work surface
3.smear the lighter colours first ,using a pallette knife
4. blend colours to create different hues

5.finish with the darker colours...
here's a tip..dont overwork your paint ,or
you will loose the richness of the colours you have selected
this is for virginais spiritual cj ,that i hope to complete tonight **************************************
paint technique 2 your paints
2. place ordered spots of paint to your layout
3. working with the same theory ..lighter colours first
4. its good to clean your palette knife in between each colour application
i have smeared the knife down the bottom of the page to clean my knife
and add more interest and design flow
and there you go..simple and clean painting ..i tend not to use a brush at all
hope you are a little inspired to create with paint and bold colours...
they definatly create aded punch to my layouts..i hope they do the same for you !.lol
another quote from the SHE poem
i think this one was written for me.heheheh finally i have some silk paints from the local art shop that i work at ,and ive been trying to use them effectively..but to no ,inspired but the amazing Louise Nelson i had another play with them...mmm im thinking i need a spray bottle for these lil gems....
i really like the effect they give
enjoy your australia day folks....
quote of the day
"Mere colour, unspoiled by meaning,
and unallied with definite form,
can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways."
Oscar Wilde----Irish poet, novelist, dramatist and critic, 1854-1900
on a final so still annoyed at the tool who
stole my ipod from the staff room at work last week ..grrrrr to you..
hope you enjoy my tracks and my one special birthday present.
walking to work now aint nearly as fun as it once was !


willowthewysp said...

Ahh, paints! A lady after my own heart!
These layouts are fantastic!
BB xx

vicmbee said...

Awesome....paintwork witchy mine would never look as good as that.... thanks for the lesson... might have to try it one day.... hope the loser returns your ipod...

chrisw said...

Aww I needed this the other dayLOL gorgeous Lisa!

Ruby Claire said...

i HEART you Witchy!!!!
Duuuuddeee my gooosshhh I am SO having a play when i get home today!! This is so totally awesome! :D Thank you soooo much!
Now when it gets up to 40 degrees, you can travel ALL the way to my house and you can show me in person :P (We have an air con)
I can't wait to see when everything has finished! I love the look for that CJ!
have a FANTABULOUS week!! xo
P.S STUPID person to steal your ipod! I'll roll them! hehe- well at least you now have an excuse to play your music super loud on the radio (:

xoxAlyssaxox said...

Thanks for the awesome technique chicky.. I am loving all you're creative work latley always an inspiration xx

Katie said...

Thanks for sharing your paint techniques - they are so awesome! I'll definitely give them a go sometime cos I'm trying to get more arty and adventurous with my scrapping!

That's awful about your iPod too. Hope whoever took it starts feeling guilty soon and returns it to you!

Louise said...

OMG you and spray paint, you will be even more fabulous!!!!!!


Glenda T. said...

Looovveeee these techniques!! I am soooo going to try these soon!! Your blog is great, so much beauty, inspiration and creativity!!

DanielEfton said...

You have inspired me to purchase my own acrylic paints. Technique 2 is something that I cannot wait to try. Hopefully a plastic knife will do the job or provide something interesting.