Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ive busy busy ,what have u been doing ????
up early..straightening one child's hair for a birthday party ..
then a pressie to make for the festive child's special day
here's how that pressie turned out
dropped that child off to her party ,
then back home to throw together
another altered journal for Mr 13
boy gifts always throw me a little...
but master Luke has a band
and this one made itself ,thanks to
the invitation for today's live band party
grabbed a few band shot while is was there
.heehe love that attitude in this pic below
these kids are cranking the garage band sound
,all of 12 and 13 yrs old
they do a killer version of the
white strips -7 nation army .....
look out the next gen are on their way

while the kids were very occupied with parties ,
i had a shoot to do for a friends ,sons girlfriend,
whom is putting together a portfolio of shots to use as a resume ....
well i don't know if they are really up to portfolio standard ,
but here's a few of the 400 or so shots we took this afternoon .
.it was a bitterly cold day and i pulled this young girl down to the beach ,
poor thing going to try and do this shoot again next week ,
with some natural warm light ,will see how we go..
.and im going to borrow my bosses 4 G canon camera to pop the quality up.
would like some feedback on these ones ...please ...
oh ..Ive done no editing on being a lil lazy

quote of the day
always be a first -rate
version of yourself;

instead of a second
rate version of somebody else

Judy Garland


Ms Zane said...

AWESOME quote - great photos - love that orange dress... My fave pic is the onein the black dress with theocean behoind!!!WOWEE - what a great sexy pic!!

STILL miss you Witcch!!

Evih {Lil` Witch'} said...

Media Control were Awesome..Love The Pics 0f The Band.

Love Evih.
lil witch.

chrisw said...

OH they look fag Lisa ,she is really beautiful!I hope you got a few real closeup facials!!lovely