Wednesday, May 13, 2009

melbourne 9-13th may


if you didnt already know ..ive been to Victoria
and thats a big treat for me
,cause melbourne has always been
a destination that has called me for years ..
i finally treated myself and did my best to
catch up with as many ppl as i could ..
i was super lucky ,cause my bestie from school
has been there a few years now and
ive been very slack and haven't visited him.
and so that was one fabulous reason to go south .
the second(boy i could write a list of them )
was to catch up with my long time forum friends
whom i hadn't meet irl yet ...
so on sat i arrived and spent some
quality time with my friend
catch up ...some thai for dinner
breakfast in st kilda
sunday ...SHOPPING in the cbd
im still hunting the perscriptive perfume CALYX
i want it soooo much ,another wild goose chase.grrrr
on sunday afternoon ..i was blessed to catch up with the super cute Ali
this young beauty,was special enough to
join Lee and i on the banks of the yarra ,
to share an afternoon beverage

i really like your pics ali....
i hope you do too?
i was lucky enough to meet alis much adored man
and then it was home to change...
some average chinese and then out to
a gay night ,,dancing ,festivies and
super hot delish ,untouchable men ..grrrr
it was down pahran way ...
dont ask me where all a blurrrrr.

..early up and a run down swan st........
yep ..nothing like cool melbourne air to
fill those lungs, get the blood flow pumping
and the mind turning over 9.30
theres knock at the door .and jenny from the
SM forum is greeting me with a warm smile
and a car ride down to geelong ,
and the kaiser retail shop and offices
where i caught up with renee and ali

home again and then out for a drink with Skye
and meal with Lee..and home for a semi early night ..
which ,well idnt work out that way
heheheh she is a blast .
.thank you for hangin out and directing my journey
(at soda rock i got impatient ,jumped a cab )
so dinner on tuesday ..with some super dooper sm buddies
was an absolute hoot ..heaps of laughs ,interesting converstaion
and yummy food too.a recipe for a fun night
one thing i really did love about melbourne
was the cool street art
and the graffitti was fabulous
farewell elm gr
home to newcastle
this is stocktan beach
quote of the day
Wandering re-establishes
the original harmony
which once existed between
man and the universe.
~Anatole France


Ali said...

awwww i LOVE these photos Lisa!! LOVE LOVE LOVE em - especially the one of Brad and I! :)

Can't wait to scrap em! :)

chrisw said...

Oh looks like you had a fab time Lisa!!missed you