Sunday, May 17, 2009


Ive been punished today
im exhausted
,and we r doing it all again tomorrow
this mornings beach session ,was grueling
and with the extra beach run Zane made me do ,well
my thighs and hips are feeling it this evening
and this afternoon we went out for a hour and a half walk
lucky Astrid rode her bike ,i don't know how she
would have gone tackling all those hills
there's an eating plan happening ..miss Zane is focused and
im so in for the free personal training sessions
and personal chef (who hasn't cooked for 15 months
being trapped on the liberty of the seas and having
her own staff restaurants to cater for her )
and has taken over the shopping
cooking and general prep duties
hheeheh life is gooood
Astrid has a cold sore
evy swiped this parsnip before it met its bin fate
and created this friendly vegie friend
quote of the day
love not what you are
but what you may become

Miguel De Cervantes- Spanish writer

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