Friday, May 08, 2009

whose a naughty mummy ?
me thats right ,its me ,
taking off to melbourne for mothers day
and leaving my special ones at home
they r not happy,but this trip is long over due ,
cause ive never been to melbourne
and ive always wante to trek there.
so off i go to catch up with some scrap friends
and stay with my school buddie Lee
so ya wont be seeing me for 5 days ...
and when i get home the totally fabulous
miss zane will be arriving to spend
some special time with me,im one very happy girl.
asti and paul have taken to an
afternoon ride up the shop ,
both on there prefered transport
of choice of course
i snapped these this afternoon .lol

quote of the day

"I see my path,
but I don't know where it leads.
Not knowing where I'm going
is what inspires me to travel it."
Rosalia de Castro
modern writer in the Galician language, 1837-1885


Maxine said...

Hope you have a wonderful and safe holiday and enjoy every moment of it.

binrow said...

OMG OMG only one more sleep to go and I'm off. Kinda freakin out at the moment!!! Have pressies for the girls from my ferrels too.

Be seenya soon, HUGZ..

Felicity said...

Have a great time away!!!

Marelle said...

Hi I am a new visitor!
Came over from the lovely Skye's blog!
so pleased to see you enjoyed our Melbourne