Monday, May 18, 2009


other busy busy fitness filled day
training with Laurie for an hour and then an hour walk to finish off
this afternoon we took another hour walk ..
my body is feeling good (OK its a little sore from
the weights ,floor work and boxing,beach sessions and extra walking )
its all going to pay off in the long run
miss zane has scrapped something .the first finished piece for 15 months..
an evolved world piece ..
photos from her journeys thru the caribbian sea
started in Canada ,
worked on in South Africa and completed in Australia
she is one happy camper to have finished this ..and she is inspired
more pics have been printed ,and wed is our full on scrap day ...whose coming ?
oh if u do u must attend the
fitness cardio session with Laurie at the oval..
.grrr to running

quote of the day

character consists
of what
you do
on the third and fourth tries



binrow said...

Hi Witchy I'm home and feeling a bit jet lagged... So wish I had had the chance to catch up with you but fate had other ideas.... Say hi to Zane for me and the girls, HUGZ...

Ms Zane said...

Woohoo - yay for workouts and scrapping and vacation!!!