Thursday, May 28, 2009

how's things folks....
Zane ...come back ...i need your motivation
Ive been running ,and my hips are so sore...
i think the road is to hard a surface for me and im feeling the effects..
best i hunt some nice grassed area
its cold,and wet here atm and i want a cross trainer at home
finding it hard to motivate some creativity,
but im trying ,i found some of Zane's pics on
the table so had to scrap them asap..its a work in progress
just like the other 4 half layouts on my table .
"Creativity is to think more efficiently"

Pierre Reverdy
French poet and
moralist who first reflected
Cubist and then Surrealist influence.

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Ms Zane said...

OMG - beautiful Witch!!! I love that layout of my boy & I!!! When it's done can you upload it to facebook and tag Jerome in it??? I want hime to see how wonderful you are!!