Wednesday, October 29, 2008

a true friend is someone who thinks that your a good egg,
even though he knows that you are slightly cracked.

lucky me....ive been a visiting my forum friends again..
and meeting SAR WARD ,who i've known on line for ages.
finally we got to catch up thanks to the gorgeous Loz.
so this afternoon after school the kid ,georgie and i went off to
somewhere near morpeth...heheheeh thanks for the directions loz,
so it was a few hours of fun,laughter,food and creativity .
her's a few pics to share ..great to catch up with friends at anytime :)

Asti and gorgeous Chloe
a group shot

helllo !!!!!! how many days till christmas..
8 or so weeks and this is what was found at loz's house,talk about getting in earlyand a snippet of the layout that i completed at Loz's tonight

a big thanks to Loz ,Luke and Chloe for their wonderful hospitality .


Lauren said...

No worries at all, we had a blast! We are still scrapping now, 12.38am! we dont look like stopping anytime soon either....
Love those pics, they are awesome.
Thanks for coming up....catch up again soon,

Georgia}]............ said...

hey lisa awesome picture and layouts
love them to bits thanks for taking me to meet those wonderful ladies... thankgod your on the ball blogging wen u got home i was a lil pre ocuppied if you no wat i mean

xoxoxoxo lov you stuff girlfriend

smauge said...

ooohhh - I could eat baby Chloe! Delicious!

Sar said...

It was AWESOME to meet you Witch, thanks so much for making the effort to come visit me. Can't wait to do it again. Cheers, Sar

Dee said...

hey chick check


PS - LOVE your work chick