Friday, October 03, 2008

ive been to the big smoke ....
and it just makes me remeber how much i love going there..
how much fun i used to have living down there in the late 80's ,just off harris st ultimo,
with my then bestie Leanney..working at darling harbour during the day and racing out to colleroy for evening work, seeing heeeeaps of live bands..walking the city streets,being one of the crowd,getting lost in one of the most gorgeous cities in the world ..
and i just did it for me..some Lisa Time ,not mum ,not partner ,just me time:):):):):)
a big thanks to Maka,paul or Max,whichever friendly term you use ,he's my buddie for some 25 or so years ~ we met U2 together in 1985 -saw so many bands together )and yesterday he was my chauffer ,thanks for the pick up..taking me to every perfumary in the city(to no avail i might add,grrrrrrrrrrr,looks like im buying it online )
for sharing a meal and lots of laughter too.i really miss your company Max and im looking forward to coming down to meet your chicky _finally _and to get some photo lessons too.
max works in sydney as a papparratzzi(sp?)
for lunch ,on the 30 degree day my brother Micheal,
took us to the best indian restaurant in the city ,
and i do have to say the it was the best Indian meal i have ever tasted ,yuuuuummmooo
the undertones of the tandoori in the butter chicken was sooooo awesome ..
mmm i want some now
if your in sydney and looking for a classy place to dine
with a bit of spice and fire check out SURJITS

my brother he is such a fab bloke(dont laugh micheal i can hear you from here)

and i dont get enough time to spend in his company ,we have a similar sence of humour and we also laugh a little similar too~cant wait till sunday mick.

our kids have lots of fun,and my girls share micheal and his boys passion for WWF OR WWE wtf is it called now anyway????????

thanks ever so much for fitting us into your work day

that rest was yummbo,love to do it again really soon

im not putting up the max and you shot ,cause maka has some wierd face on

and i love this BLUE STEEL look you've got going here....

so its that time of the week again folks ..

time for the next lot of pics for the gallery 12 showcase

dont for get to go over and cast your vote this week for your favourite NIGHT TIME shot.

so ive been a bit slack taking pics of late ,like really slack(sorry donski and gallery 12)

and i was playing around today while waiting to check out and snapped a few shots al la 365 challenge ,most of them where a little pathetic,,but i did find and edit this lil gem,,what do ya reakon???i know its outta focus but there is something about it i just love !!!!
what 's on your agenda for the weekend ???????


miasmummy said...

Love the self-portrait... too cool! And had a chuckle at the 'blue steel' photo of your brother, hubby was best man at his best mates wedding last Nov and I took their snaps for them and we had a 'blue steel' pic! It was too funny! You just bought back a good memory for me! xx

Tad Dangerous said...

oh no! not the Blue Steel pic! buhahaha....that is such a lame one too.

great lunch, tops to catch up. yes i had a chuckle. Great to hear props to Surjits, it rules.

It's WWE now, formerly WWWF, and WWF. And of course we dig many other current and defunct wrestling promotions, ROH, ECW, TNA, WCW, WCCW, NWA, AJPW, etc etc (enters into a long diatribe on the merits of Pro Wrestling that no one else is interested in...)

Sweet night shot, see ya Sunday.

oh and send me the other pic....

Melissa said...

Sounds like you had a blast Lisa...well deserved time out!
Go girl!

binrow said...

Good to see a little me time in your life ladie, you so needed a little pampering of the soul....
Seeya in the sand HUGZ....

Pamela said...

I am glad you had a great day. I have tried calling to see if you had fun!!

Go to my blog look what I can do with ink now just loving it!.