Monday, October 20, 2008

hellllllloooo's things in your world????

thanks to those who leave me some love ..

we all need a little of that dont we folks..mwah to you

ok a quick rundown cause its SCRAPTACULARS ROUND 7 IN THE

unfortunately this weeks criteria ,welll aint really my strongest technique..(you know it Chelle)

This week's genre is HABERDASHERY!

Page size is your choice (double is OK too),

it must have:- 75% of the elements adhered by stitching

(No double sided tape. All your photos count as one element, your whole title as one element)

- at least 2 different stitch types (zig zag, straight, blanket, machine, handstitch, french knots, etc)-

at least 2 pieces of fabric-

a handmade embellishment (a heart cut from felt would suffice)-

at least 3 (or more) photos- ribbon
and well seeing as ive been at work all week and in sydney on the didnt leave me a lot of sewing time..i know its time consuming..i really should have hunted down a sweing machine..but it will do

the title is ...............LITTLE FISH IN A BIG CITY

Keelie,Astrid and Evangeline
a quick pic from last nights family dinner for asti's birthday ..aww she's so sweet...
today at work we had a pirates and princesses day and the children looked so adoreable..wish i caould show..but alas i cant due to confidenciality..but i can share these pics of the mmagician whom we had in as a treat for our little possums..heheh ..go that ball in flight .wow

have a fun week folks..ive had a wonderful start to the week .



Lauren said...

Its awesome!

Donna said...

HI Lisa - hope you're having a sunny week. X Donski

Fulvia said...

very cute!!!

Ali said...

OMG that layout is awesome lisa!! love the stitching, the cute little fishy and the 'seaweed' so cool!! cute pics of asti's birthday too!!


Ruby Claire. said...

Happy birthday to your gooorgeous daughter :)
AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS LO Withcy! Like always :D
MANNN do you know what?? I TOOOTALLY want to meet up with you and georgia and scrap scrap scrap scrap one day! :D

Melissa said...


Lisa I think your LO is gorgeous!
Go girl!

Angie ~ Scrap'n'art said...

Awesome layout there Lisa and I love that little felt fish, how cute! Glad you had a wonderful time away:) TFS Angie

Louise said...

Well I vote it a Winner!!!!!!