Monday, October 06, 2008

Just go how arty this layout looks with a lil photo edit over the top....
love it it with out
more self indulgent scrapping...suprise surise something must be in my stars atm..
hoping to find a little mojo ...but i dont knoooow?
all i know is i just love this pic of me (must be the straight hair)heheheeee

this one is for our new mummy Nicole..
a gorgeous over exposed photo that i just had to scrap
hope you like it babe ,i took a pic of it tonight and its not the best lighting.
it looks delish in real life oh and it has a little extra bling
and glitz over the stamps on the top &bottom of the L/O

this quote ,,this henry rollins quote is soooo awesome ..and i had to use it

its an old photo but i wanted to write on it so it was the perfect pic to use.

hope you all created something fun this weekend !


SkyeMJ said...

Love that LO of little Char!
Im sure it will be a nice surprise for Nic when she gets out of hospital with bub!

I love your bis use of quotes too!

Donna said...

Ok, so waiter, can I have what she's having pleeeease!
God girl you are really on a roll aren't you! Can you please email or something and tell me what those alphabet stamps are - they're great! Perfect size aren't they. Wow - such joy, vitality and harmony - you really are somewhere special...

Renee said...

Your layouts are so perfect. The one with the little girl is just divine.

Nicole said...

Oh babe, I have no idea how I missed this yesterday. DEVINE, I LOVE IT. colours are just perfect with that piccie.

you are a true artist, mwah