Sunday, October 05, 2008

i hope you all having a special long weekend ,relaxing and kicking back ..
ive had a full weekend
its been family day today at mums.....
but first ill just show case some work from yesterday ..asti attended Abbey's party last night so luckily she was here during the week and i got to take some shots of her. i threw this one together for her..she and her mum seemed to like it ok its that time again..scraptaculars
and this weeks challenge was sort of made for me..hehehhehe
freestyle arty...yay...heres the criteria....
1. Page needs a Handmade/written Title
2. Page needs Paint
3. Page needs a Household/Thrift Item
4. Page needs a odd edge or shaped background
5. Page needs doodling
i tried to go a little out of my comfort zone ..what do ya think?honestly !

my pics one of the few i grabbed in sydney ..stuooopid me

yay family day again....

so heres the deal..every october long weekend for the last 33 odd something years my family have gathered together at someones house,today it was at mums ..nice and close yay .

anyway ,to make it a little interesting we have 3 giant raffles..with bucket loads of prizes.

and through out the day we raffle of the different lots and end up with a little cash at the end of the day ...todays total was around the $600.00 mark ,which will be donated to a charity like the cancer fund ,or someother very worthy cause ..heres a few pics from the 400 i took today..sorry to bore you all...hehhehe

cousin kirsten is a chicky after my own heart ..

so awesome to connect with you again babe ..see ya on face book

layman ...hehehehehehehe what more can i say

lindsey and i

family days ..any days that micheal comes home means prawns ..

teresa and i ..loved catching up babe ,tell paul he's a shit for not coming ,ggrrrrrrrr

just like my paul.gggrrrr must be the name .heehhehehehe

tamara and i ..see ya on the web babe
my nan and great uncle Byron...
show me the money ..astis alotted raffle money won her the same amount..lucky girl

ryan in motion

rob in hysterics

my darling Evy

i could help myself but put these up..
now the boys were milkshake brings all the boys to the yard ,
damn right its better that yours..heheheh
mick i'll send the series of these they are hilarious

ice cream by the pool

glenn your a classic

a bit of the loot raised today

my gorgeous SIL Carla

my 2 gorgoues girls enjoying a cool pool

a family shot for my bro

a few of asti's raffle winnings

goodbyes are always the hardest thing....

enjoy the rest of your weekend folks ......
ya gotta love long weekends


Robert said...

Greetings earthling we come in pe..... hey (rufflle rufflle) he phew! sorry bout that.
Hi aunty Lisa great pictures you put up.
What was with the last one was grandma crying?
Anyways, I'll see ya soon and thanks 4 putting me up on SW
OK Quecumber how bout Manly

binrow said...

Looks like you and the girls had a wonderful family day, bit jealous about the pool this dame hotel does not have one...... Hugz to all.

Evy said...
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Evy said...

I Come In Peace To..Lol.
Robert , Nan Wasnt Crying , I Thought That Too.
How Funny Are The Pic's Of You & Ry.

Ok Cucumber && Still , I Dont Like Footy , Cause I Dont Like Watching Overpayed Boofheads Running Around.But Yay , I Told You Manly Was Going To Win...

&& Mum The Pic's Are Great.
The Pool Was Sooo Fun.

&& Hi Robyn , How Are The Kids?


naomi said...

Hey lisa,
what a wonderful day...the pictures say thousand words.
Now the layout rocks... I would have seen the list a freaked out alittle... So looking forward to catching up in Sydney
love naomi x

Anonymous said...

I love that leaf layout and there is some serious colored money over there! That is so great that you all can gather and do something so wonderful for others! Huge family fun!

Ruby Claire. said...

AWESOMELY rad photos and LO's Witchy-pooooo (=
And that leaf page is my current Fav!! i LOOOOOVEEE IT SO MUCH!! I don't think you need to change your challenges etc... it makes them like you and your style.... which is RAD! I love it :D Have a good week!

Mel Connell said...

First of all, let me just say miss Which, all the pics you have taken of yourself of late are amazing, you look fantastic!!!!!

Loving all the LO's you are creating at the moment, so much insite into your life!!!

Mel xxx

Nicole said...

you look so vibrant and happy.

glad family day was heaps of fun and laughter for you.

Sounds like you had an absolute blast away too. well deserved.