Sunday, October 19, 2008

ive been in town again this weekend...boy this is becoming a bit of a habit...which i love ..heheh
so on friday night i attended the SCRAPBOOKING MEMORIES/CANON PIXMA PARTY ,,which was lots of fun ..heres my post from SM

yippe to the awesome CANON crew and the super fabulous girl from SCRAPBOOKING MEMORIES for hosting such a cool event...please put me on the list for the next one.heheheheheeeeand a HUGE THANKS to the super sweet MELISSA FRANCES and the totally charming Sara Percy...damn Sara ,i dont think we got a photo to share with lady pics are a bit lame ,but ill pull a few out to share when i do a quick edit .....thanks for your cool tips awesome is that rag paper and the CANON PIXMA PRINTER IS SUPREME girls .wow im loving the quality of print and that A3 printer ,sheesh its da absolute bomb the girls who i finally got to meet,who ive wanted to meet for so,so long ...thanks for sharing your passion and fun with me...Lisa and Kim thanks for helping me catch up in Melissa's class,you rock .i really did need to take that call ,wink...i really enjoyed getting to know you ,,and michell w you too was good to finally put a face to a name Tamara ,Belinda and Tracy..soo cool to catch up with you all..i do have a shot.(when i saw you all together it was like looking at old friends that i had known for ages ,(becuase of blogs and layouts and forums .iykwim).share your pics ( love your flickr one's lisa)julie heard yippee babe so glad to have finally caught up with you you look sooo amazing babe ,a true inspiration.bummer i didnt get to chat a little more .enjoy your family trip to all the girls whose names i forget ,it was cool to share such an event with you .hugs scrap sisters special mention to my scrap buddie louise who never fails to inspire and share her talent with us...a queen of her craft and sooo kind to share her SM pink stash that i failed to collect ..and to susan and randolf..(i'm sure thats it )..who graciously drove my buddie and I into the city ,saving lots of cash ,time and anxiety .mwah to you both ,enjoy your CANON PIXMA PRINTED sydney nightime shot turned out fabulous on that A3 rag paper .i want to try that paper just to scrap has a 300yr life span in an congratulations to the couple who took home the wish it was prizes this way boo hoo and i forgot that sm baga fab night all round though,thanks again SM &CANON ..

this is my view from my hotel...i was watching the underground hotel turn from pink to purple,blue to green ,yellow to white ..i swear i was being hypnotised by glorious colour...
then i was up early to take some shots of the city ,
and to catch up with paul's cousin Karen who works in the city oin sat with her b/f....karen and chris..sooo cool to catch you both ...
so excited by your impending trip to paradise in Europe..ahhhhh europe....i want to come too.

my gorgeous friend Louise and i had lunch on the harbour...

then a beer in front of the bridge,oh its a hard life isnt it

while i was having a fun time in the city ,

my kids were running around the city on a mission impossible style party.

i snapped this shot as they sped past me at circular quay.heheh

it was my god daughters birthday and her folks thru the best birthday bash..the kids where given clues and then sent on a mission to save our heroine Banna fontanna from Dick Dastedly who intended to run back to back episodes of banna on commercial tv for the next 3 years..the children had to chase and hunt down dick ,who was dressed to the nines and he had a home made banna thrown over his shoulder..the kids were,being given clues alone the way from all the family and it was so elaborate.every body dressed up and put in one amazing effort and my kids thought it was the coolest party they have ever been too

also great to catch up with .............................

paul and miho whom shared yesterday afternoon with me,after louise and i shopped for bags at should see mygorgeous new D&G green bag ..mmmmm its lush .

dinner at the party house ..yumm love you guys so much ,cant wait to celebrate my 40th in town with you next month..yipppeeeeeee

and home again



our family celebrations are tonight..were going out for dinner with my mum and AL and grabbing asti's bestie along the way .....

sooooooooooooo what did you get up too this weekend.......?????


Donna said...

Hey girl - I put your polling space up for the week - where are yooooooooooo????????????? You can still upload - bugger it if it's late - I still wanna see. X Donski

binrow said...

Hello Witchy, wow how cool was your Friday hope you had a massive time, well how could you not!!!

Asti, Happy Birthday!!! So whats it like to be in double figures????
Was going to text but forgot the time change is now 7hrs and it was to late!! But we know you had a good one..... Super Hugz...Binrow and the ferrel 3......

tracey said...

Happy belate B DAY Asti - hope you had fun runnning amuck in the big smoke.

I am so happy you had the bestest time in the city Lisa, looks like a blast - and the lovely louise looks like she was mellowing real good with you by the side of the harbour - take care and chat again soon.

heyhoewarren said...

Great meeting you too Lisa! You're an absolute scream - I had a ball!! Hope you had a good "meeting" in the city after (wink wink). Will post some pics on my blog soon-ish. Cheers, Lis.

Michelle Jamieson said... crack me up...I know how you LOVE to stitch!!!! NOT!!

Sounds like an awesome time in Sydney! Fabulous pics!

Happy Birthday Asti!

Chelle Xx