Sunday, October 12, 2008

so its that time of the week and ive been super lucky to make it thru TO THE 6 ROUND OF THE SO YOU THINK YOU CAN SCRAP
the criteria
LO must have only ONE photo MAXIMUM size 4x6..-
LO needs to be about something that was difficult for you to live through, a loss, sad time - LO must have AT LEAST 200 words of journalling if computer generated or 100 words if handwritten (we're focusing on storytelling right, whats a story without words )
Journalling can be hidden on the LO but we need to see it for judging, so don't journal anything you don't want to share- LO must also include SOME handwritten journalling somewhere on the LO (this criteria is not restricted so just a date or name will do)-
LO must only have ONE piece of Patterned Paper on it
the layout
The journalling
I wonder…………………
I wonder so much about different things, do you ?
During this time I seem to be thinking a lot about my dad ,due to a c.j ;swap im currently in, based on grief and loss. And its got me wondering.
I wonder what I would be like to have lived a different life!
To never have had my father die, when, I was a child of 4.
To have the most important person in your life gone forever.
To not fully understand what was happening in my world.
To lose living in paradise. On a lighthouse, with my family.
Would I have been happy, content and at peace, if we remained there?
Would it have been idyllic? Or is it just a wish, a dream, a childhood fantasy?
I’d like to think that it would have been amazing and I would have been the person I was supposed to be all along……….. I wonder?
I wonder what it would have been like had I not moved back to the Central Coast, after my fathers’ death. If we had we moved somewhere else?
Finally we settled again, a new home, mum a new partner, me starting to be me again.
I wonder what would it have been like, had I not lost my step father at 13?
Although he wasn’t my paternal father, he still became a part of our lives,
and yet again, a family tragedy occurred.I wonder how life would have been different.
My heart longs for answers to questions that I’ll never know the answer too.
But I can’t spend my life wondering.
This time, right now is my time to release the wondering and grow within, to take hold of my past, to enlighten my future, and change what i wonder, into what i am.
Inspired by a new soul, a spirit with life’s heartbeat in their hands, a catalyst now,
for my own change,I see this time is the perfect time to work out my passion for living and remember that life and I, am important.
I am seeing the beauty in all things again. Excited by each new day.
And now I’m starting to wonder differently, I wonder what life can be?
With a different outlook, and attitude to match,I’m feeling fresh and free spirited again.
But still analysing and evaluating and still just a little wondering,
But wondering about a new me, and my goals, dreams and passions.
Music ,beloved music that i have lost to my children’s pop music eeeccckk ,
i reclaim my music~ i bought the new faker cd this week yay~,
i went to see Richard Clapton live a few weeks ago , to travel,
oh my passion of travel is deep inside and it’s time to dream of overseas travel again.
In between times the odd trip to Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne will just have to do.
And to art and creativity.The beauty of art, to create with abandon,
to give in to spontaneous creativity, to go with free flowing ideas,
to spend more time seeing new art and sharing ideas.
To grow and be me again and to find a little of more of myself everyday.
I wonder now a little more about me .
OK so my journalling blew out a little from 200 to 544 words..hehehehehehehand it waffles a little ,and i didnt want it to end on a downer ,as a postive optimistic perosn by nature i had to end it this way..heheheh

now ive been scrappin this weekend with the incredible Georgia Moir..
wow what an artist .please fly over to her blog and check out here latest..
she is a wonderful fresh 15 and its blowing my mind ..hehehe love ya G
her link is in the post below folks

heres one from today

how's this layout
omg i love the colour layover that the funeffects cartoon
edit button creates with this one

this is what it really looks like ...but i love the top one .

i hope everyone had a super weekend ..share what you did with me ???


CreativeMe68 said...

Congrats Lisa....Love the LO's that you have been doing! You make me wish that I could just break my mold and be a lil daring with paints like you!!! Love your style.
Gonna pop over to Georgia blog now. Luv Shaz

chrisw said...

Hi Lisa,my you have been a busy the letterbox,adore the album and Oh Wow that top photo of you is absolutely delish Girl...Luv chris

kayla renee macaulay said...

i love georgia's work, she is such an inspiration.

Love your LO for round #6..was certaintly challenging this week with all that emotional journalling going on.

Love the LO's though, very artisic and inspiring.

KR. x

Mel Connell said...

Totally love your round six LO miss witch.

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

karen e said...

Love that first photo of you Witchy and as always your work is amazing.

Melissa said...

You comnpletely ROCK Lisa...just adore ALL your art!
You have soooooooooo much talent!
LOVE LOVE LOVE the mail box too!

SkyeMJ said...

Wow man, you are one busy little beaver with your scrapping!
Such gorgeous LO's too! Beautiful!

COngrats on Round 6, had no doubts you'd make it!
Amazing work!

I got NO scrapping done this weekend, but did manage to make it out to the Tulip Festival for a hit of yummy colour and sunshine!


Natalia said...

totally love those have so much always bring something different!

Favvismaria said...

Lovely stuff you make!