Tuesday, October 07, 2008

got the best kind of funky mail today ,2 cj's
(mels and donna's )and
some blue bazaar love (dont you know it girls )
yay .check out this lil beauty ..donski wow ,,thats all i can say ..wow i love everything about it and cant wait to jump into it..but i have 3 cj's sitting waiting to be done before it..so im literally going to throw myself into my art this week and finish some very negelcted pieces.i've been side tracked a little ,but today ive had a reality check(wink)
and im focussing on the resposiblity of finishing up some of these swaps but not before i show you last nights effort ,inspired by louise nelsons gorgeous work .
check it out if you havent seen her stuff ,its awesome
going a little minimal for me...but its all about the photo and the sentiment

some blue bazaar goodies arrived in the mail...oh my how delish are these twinkling h2o's as you can see ,these are the colours that im super smitten with this year,next year ,every year ..hehhe ...mmmm lime and aqua delish ( last year it was aqua and orange )

looking or a few ideas on how to play with these......

some new pattern papers to work with
and if you order from blue bazaar you always recieve jelly beans ,and i dont think i have ever actuallt eaten one of them ,because 2 lil chickens always get them as soon as the box opens....

hope you had a great day ..i was out the door early for my walk to work, geez it was freezing this morning ,expected considering its the first few days of daylight savings (which means i was actually out the door at 6.20am,,,brrrrr )i love those early mornings ,just not so much the cold...

ill be bitching about the heat soon ,you watch ..hehehhehe have a great end to the day folks

im off to power scrap


SkyeMJ said...

And now you get some Skye love (but it doesn't come with jellybeans, sorry!)...

That LO is bloody gorgeous! I love your photo editing, I love the paper, I love the hearts! Just gorgeous!

I reckon you'll work some fairly amazing magic with those H2O's! Can't wait to see you do your thang with them!


Georgia}]............ said...

omg that cj is hot
loven the art
umm so rite for friday wat times good 4 u b cause im holidays do u finish at 2 or somthin let me no

p.s i got face book now

merryheart2 said...

what are h20's? is that ink. they sure are pretty colors.

Donna said...

Hi lovely! I'm waiting on my order of H2O's from BB as well - a couple of daubers - yum! Can't wait to see what magic you weave in my journal Witchy - is it coming home after you - or is there someone else it needs to visit? Have a great weekend my dear - and you're looking so gorgeous and happy lately - every photo and your layouts - so good to see! X Donski

Heids xx said...

hey girl!! looking good bab! haven't been online line - been busy falling in lurve!!! have updated my blog. Yours is the only other I've read. Don't have alott time or the net nowadays.

much love snd heaps of hugs baby!!!

luv ya!!