Sunday, March 29, 2009


a quick layout for miss astibeen out today to the annual goats festival
(going off at the swamp)-a youth week event
40 bands 3 stages ,markets ,stalls,displays
fun fun fun
of course for me it was a music and photo thing
to see the glam geeks

and young freaks

an awesome display of local /newcastle and sydney talent

the craft table was a frantic place for our kids
the kids pic of fav band today were the tender

while for me...mmmmmmm
this band had a special sound ...and something ,else
..mmm i wonder what it could be ??
check out there sound ,here

quote of the day


chrisw said...

Oh love that last one infact I stole it and popped it on my blog with a link to you..adore all of those are looking amazing my friend..Live free!

Tad Danergous said...

Hey the Mansion have played with Powerage before! How cool.