Thursday, March 19, 2009


i've been out this afternoon
taking photos of evy's friend Cailin
and her sister for her birthday pressie this weekend
time to create some canvas art
i cant get wait to stuck into it
im really happy with the results ...
there are some super shots

3 siblings

asti loves edward.......well dont we all

quote of the day

this is the first day

of the rest of your life .

this quote is in dedication to my first

personal training session tomorrow morning at 6.15 am .

if i dont return ,you'll know why !



Anonymous said...

I could use a good work out too, leave at 5:30 and put in 45 minutes of cardio for me, lol! Is that Edward, like soon to be King Eddie? I lurv him too, lol! Gina

Felicity said...

gorgeous photos.. that canvas is gonna rock!!!
Hope all went well with the personal training session... eeekk to 6am in the morning.
Felicity x

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