Wednesday, March 11, 2009

lookie at my gorgeous 2
fresh from the hairdresser ,with foils and some layers ..
awww these little ones are growing up into young ladies .
ive been to the periodontist today ,,my wallet much lighter and
4 more appointments to come over the next 2 months .grrrrrrr
at $261.00 a pop ,omg ,no extras for me now...
but ones teeth are soooo important ,right ...
awesome to see Pammy today,during my lightning visit to gosford
miss you babe ,cant wait to catch up for a night out .
tonight it was fun to get back to some scrap teaching ..
a class at the paper crafts mailbox at wyong .:)
i love to challenge the new and intermediate
scrapper to go beyond their comfort zone

quote of the day
"Words mean more than
what is set down on paper.
It takes the human voice to infuse
them with shades of deeper meaning."
have a great thursday


Felicity said...

you have gorgeous girls!!! Love their new looks!!
I wish I was closer to Wyong to be able to be in your class!!
Have a good day!
Felicity x

Ms Zane said...

OMG - Asti & Evy you girls look amazing!! GORGEOUS! Can't wait to see you in realife!!!

Witch are you ok?? I sense something in your posts... Send me a message, can't wait to come see you!!! xoxoox

Scrapaholic 'tine said...

OMG Witchy your daughters are so gorgeous.. I soooo love their new hair colours... wow that is amazing the transformation they are soooooo grown up... best wishes from hot Darwin ♥ ☆ ♥ ☆ ♥

Anonymous said...

There is something so wonderful about being pampered in a salon and you can see the happiness all around!

Teegs said...

OMG i totally love your girls hair, soo thick and beautiful.... soo Jealous:) They get it from you:)

i shaved mine a year ago yesterday, its just at nice length now, wish it was half as thick as u lovely ladies but this is what i was given and im thankful:)

love your daily quotes...inspirational

Thanks for the comment on my blog too

Nicole said...

Hey girl, loving the new 'do. Looking bloody sexy that's for sure.

You look very peaceful in your photo's and very content.

LOVE LOVE LOVE the art too girl, delish and awe inspiring. Just what I need right now. LOL