Friday, March 27, 2009


so as u can see we have been to a wedding today
the totally stunning bride is Michelle ,
new wife to pauls mate Glenn -reigning ditch king (a sk8 term)
it was a gorgeous day eventually,
michelle who lost her mum at the very young age of 2 yrs
was postive her mum was responsible
for the clearing of the rain and opening up to beautiful blue skies
NACCOSS (newcastle and central coast old school skaters)MEMBERS
Jason,groom Glenn,Paul and best man Paul...
i really like this shot .
not so happy with my shots today..
.oh where r my girls when i need them
or georgie ..
paul looks like he has a disinterested blue steel look ,
what do you think ?
for those zoolander fans out there
this one is better .
but the hand on my shoulder looks creepy..
the wedding was on the water
and the reception in a fantastic million dollar house
the couple had rented for the weekend
its was really special,on the wall this huge detailed painting
mmmm makes me want to paint .

quote of the day

there is only one success-

to be able to spend your life

in your own way .

christopher morley -american novelist


Michelle Jamieson said...

You looked gorgeous, Lisa!!!
The bride stunning and that painting...Wow!!

Glad you had a lovely night!! :)

Chelle Xx

Jane Smith said...

Now after you caught me out (not reading blog posts- remember I thought Georgie was one of your girls) last time I came over (because I am a little bit lazy when it comes to reading and I love looking at the piccies) I thought I better have a the photos always look gorgeous in your photos (although I agree about the photo with the hand..maybe a little 'Cousin It') but I liked the original photo. Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Hey "Miss Lisa",
Glad you enjoyed a nice day at the wedding. Your pics are great...especially the natural shot of the gorgeous couple. It sounds like it was a beautiful, laid back nice.
Where was your pink dress??? Like the black & white one tho :-)
Thank you for thinking of me & my dress...but i bought one yesterday!!! Yay!!! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday...see you in the morning,
Miss K xox