Saturday, March 07, 2009


i've been hanging with my gorgeous buddie today,
isn't she just beautiful!
always a special day when she is here..
creativity flows from her fingertips on to the page ,
a delight to sit and watch her pieces unfold ,
colourful,inspired and with the most amazing attention to detail,
she creates masterpieces..and she is 16!
miss Georgia is a breath of fresh spring air,
sunshine in the room,
funny and very kind hearted .
i know exactly why this young man
thinks she is the bees knees,
the cherry on top and
the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow .
because i do too.
Brendo and Gigi
i loved spending the day laughing and creating with you,i
hope you get a few cool pix from the plethora we took today .
B you know you wont get away with not scrapping next time ..
(now your a SISter so to speak_you have to start your scrap journey )
Grab some pix from home and bring them next time
while G created magic on the page ..i whipped together this
small canvas for miss Taylah (evy's bestie since Taylahs birth )
and astis too i have to are out tonight at the sleep over .
thanks to Robyn ,for the cool edit job on this photo,love those wings

quote of the day
In the sweetness of friendship
let there be
laughter and sharing of pleasures
Kahlil Gibran
want to laugh till your belly aches..well i did!
love this guys super quirky sense of humour
and click on the photo to read Craig's public notices


Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL colors on that canvas! I love that you are on the front side of the camera! Have a great and creative weekend!

xoxAlyssaxox said...

Stunning canvas.. Gorgeous colour :) xx

Talia Lynette said...

the laywith the three girls is beautiful :)
i love it