Thursday, March 12, 2009


my baby is in bathurst tonight
i wish her a wonderful excursion and i cant wait to hear all
about her journey when she returns tomorrow afternoon :)
school trips are super fun..
do you remember some of your school excursions ?
thanks to miss evy for snapping todays pics
and great to chat with school buddie max tonight ,
hope to catch up this weekend in town..
i feel a sydney trip coming on
quote of the day

"It is only in adventure
that some people succeed
in knowing themselves -
in finding themselves."
Andre Gide
(French writer, humanist and moralist,
1947 nobel prize for literature, 1869-1951)


chrisw said...

Hey beautiful..will you email me that second pic..would love to do a layout for you using it...

Sheri said...

gorgeous pics..
Asti and Evys hair looks SO good! i love Evy's curly hair :D its gorgeous!