Thursday, February 26, 2009

no art to share,work and family stuff have
just consumed me during the week,really need to sit and focus...
but my head space is else where,need new pics to be inspired.
quote of the day
"Be grateful that you are alive,
be grateful that you are you!!!

one direct this morning from miss zane ...
mwah babe,don,will be using yours too chicky


tracey said...

oh hello... thanks for the text - hope all is travelling well down that way - love poppin in to see whether you are straight or curly... and to check out your beautiful art - although there isn't any for me today... so sad.. maybe i should of left lotsa love the other day when i popped in... take care of you and those precious girls..

binrow said...

Oh I wish I could put u on a plane for a few days just for a visit to do girly things and stuff it would be so cool..... Thinking of you lots, Hugz

Ms Zane said...

Woohoo - I made the blog!! ;) Love you chicky!!! I'm coming to crash at your place for a few days when I get home - MUST SEE YOU!!!! Another quote:

"We don't see things as they are, we see things as WE are!"

Anonymous said...

Loving the highlights Witchy!

If you need some pics feel free to scrap mine (LOL) - coz I haven't been doing it! Hahaha.

Big Hugs!
Maz xx

Felicity said...

love those highlights!
Love your daily pic and that quote!!!
Have a good weekend.
felicity x

Georgia}]............ said...

i love you
i love yoiu
i love you
i just decided that sometimes you need to tell the people you love just how much they mean to you ....which is alot actually heeps and heeps and heeps
love you babe