Tuesday, February 10, 2009

41-365-2009how's life folks ...been a funny day ...
ive been to the dentist ..again ..twice in 4 weeks..
another booking on monday
grrrr i have some gum...
maybe teeth issue,an x ray booking for tomorrow,
a specialist booking in march ,and an absyss on my gum...
im not a happy camper ,but you gotta think your self still luck
,with all the sadness and heart ache we see on the tele ..
love to all down south ..
been playing around this afternoon with some busy paper..
one a bit of a whimsical page ,i was playing with tissue paper hearts ..
the title .wellone can only dream about such things...lol.
excuse the nasty flare on the pic ..ohhps
one for lady deb ,queen of the challenge chic forum i recieved
some fab scrap supplies from deb yest,
and was totally inspired to throw myself straight into it ..
im off to do another one...trying hard to keep myself
off this corruptive electronic influence,and focus on some art .

quote of the day
"It's not what's happening to you now or
what has happened in your past
that determines who you become.
Rather, it's your decisions about what
to focus on, what things mean to you,
and what you're going to do about them
that will determine your ultimate destiny."

Anthony Robbins-American motivational speaker,
life coach and author. b.1960

1 comment:

binrow said...

Salam alekium, sexy lady!!!
Just had another heated phone call with Etisalat over my internet conection and now I have a massive headache, I won't ever complain about Telstra again!!!
Love your layouts and you are looking great..... Have finished Erins project so maybe I'll get some scrappin done myself, will put some photos of what we made on my blog as soon as I can.
Oh and thanks for putting up the message about Vee was so glad that she is fine.
Must go and get myself some herbal tea or maybe some shesha to calm down, hugs to all...