Thursday, February 19, 2009

50 -365-2009

We have a young budding star living with us...

congratulations to miss E for securing a place in her schools

yearly RAW interschool eistedford production..yippeee ..
our year 7 high school student is loving the new challenges in her life
and its great to see her blossoming :)
can you notice a change ????
have i done the wrong thing....???
its wet ,so its heaps darker...
but now.......
im a brunette..
i have a booking next week for a cut and highlights
so now i just have to get used to it

be honest may take a day or so to get used to ..

come by tomorrow and see the true colour.


quote of the day

"The best thing about a picture

is that it never changes,

although the people in them

change so much."


Michelle Jamieson said...

I like it...can't wait to see the new highlights!!

Chelle Xx

chrisw said...

Oh Lisa..I love the highlights..where have they gone..they say a change is as good as a holiday you know..Congrats to little chris

Felicity said...

I like very much.. Cant wait to see the highlights too!!!

Have a good weekend!
Felicity x

Deb G said...

Nooo...leave it all dark!! sooooo boho and sexy...I want to see it straight!!!I like it fact..I reckon now just a little more violetness would be good....hmm..a smidge of red too perhaps?? I like it!!! stay dark!!!