Sunday, February 22, 2009

how was your weekend folks ??
fun and family filled i hope ?..
its a strange place to be in my house at the moment....
but thats another story all together!
so what else can i do but delve into my own scrapworld.
a big thanks goes to Jamie for saving my sanity today
and taking me to the newcastle craft fair ..
lots of lovely new product to admire ....
ok i did purchase a few things.....and
its was nice to see some familiar faces in the crowd..
this is whats been over my table this weekend
suprise, not one layout of me ....
well not one finished yet anyway
which sort of reflects my headspace



thanks for thinking of me J
quote of the day
Sometimes a breakdown can
be the beginning
of a kind of breakthrough,
a way of living in advance
through a trauma
that prepares you for a
future of radical transformation.
Cherrie Moraga


Donna Heart said...

OK - so I am definietly coveting your boots - ooh lala! I'm so enjoying your blog, your work, your quotes. So filled with possibility, hope for the future, positivity and belief in oneself. Thanks Witchy X Don

Jaimie R said...

No worries Lisa, I am always thinking of you hun! Thanks for a great day xoxox