Friday, February 06, 2009


howdy friends....
its been a full busy week .and one fun ,
yet sad way to finish off is to celebrate our gorgeous Miss Roxy ,
our trainee at work ,who has finished her year long stint today...
boo hooo.your such a doll miss roxy ,
and i love this heavily edited pic trampoline pic
(the lighting was off ),your fun,loveable ,happy ,passionate and well ,
we just will miss you so much working with us everyday ,
and sharing your love and happiness with the kids .
miss M and mr Pete hosted a small swaray this evening
with so yummy treats ..these bbq chicken and spinich balls where delish
and i stayed right away from this thing ...kudos to me .....
i even had my long lens on for this one ,
(im having some len issues...grrrrrr-everything happens at once right !?)
i have some very incriminating pics of a certain director
induging heavily in this lush treat and i made this small square heart frame for miss Roxy

and i finished this layout also

quote of the day ...
"The story of life is quicker then the blink of an eye,
the story of love is hello, goodbye."
Jimi Hendrix-------American rock guitarist,
composer and singer who fused American traditions of blues, jazz, rock,
and soul with techniques of British avant-garde rock
to redefine the electric guitar in his own image. 1942-1970


Miss cath said...

I love checking out your work - it is so inspiring and am really enjoying the quote each day.
Hope you are doing well up there.

Glenda T. said...

The green and blues on this are just stunning!!

Melissa said...

OMG!!!!!!!!!!Lisa...I LOVE this LO! Divine..I wanna lift it!!!