Sunday, August 17, 2008

hola folks

i have done bugger all this weekend,just a couple of colourful pieces.

the first one is for Mel and her beautiful Angel Shelby.i havent quite finished yet .

so its just a peek ok....

and one for mumma mone ,who will recieve her cj from the SM forum 2007 cj swap.

here cj theme is my simple pleasures

and well again its overkill for me ,but in my defence ,im the last person in this cj and there are heaps of pages left so i wanted to finish it off with a bang.

and some detail

and finally ,,,my desk it's so uninviting,blah to it

hope you had a wonderful weekend


Beth Perry said...

What beautiful painting on those layouts! And I love the black butterfly (stamps?) on the paint.

Can't wait to see the first lo as a whole. It looks really pretty!


Skye M J said...

Oh your desk looks as nasty as mine! Nice to know I'm not alone!

I felt so blessed to receive Mels photos of Shelby on Friday! I hope I can reate something beautiful for her!
Can't wait to see what you've come up with!


Ida said...

Greeting from Malaysia.

Ida said...

Thanks for dropping by too... I added your blog to mine...Hope its okay... Have a nice day!

Natalia said...

i'm addicted to those tiny letter stickers! like the ones from Making them! and hey..would love to see more of your scrap space :D (scrap space - messy but always interesting to see)

Fulvia said...

beautiful children and beautiful pages! Lisa bravissima