Friday, August 15, 2008

bonjour cobbers..

another quick post ,cause wow ive been creating again..
(with my new work roster ,its taken me a few weeks
to get my sleep patterns set up~i just cant be up scrappin
all night ,and get up early to 25 kids..eek)
so i threw this one together last night...more randon scrappin.
this lil man i bought home from sweden(where i lived in the early 90's)
during st lucia day in sweden the children dress up...
the boys as star boys and the girls as st lucia herself with a
crown of candles on their heads...
ohhhh the kids look so devine and its a really beautiful tradition....
one i hope never to forget..,
now ive scrapped about it,neither will the kids ..

oh i just love this pointed finger stamp....
reminds me of laughter and lots of fun with my brother ,
watching monty python anything and everything..,
its an image that terry gillian/m(sp?) loved to use during the flying circus series ..
now i use it on almost everything...
cause i love it !wish i had it as a large foam stamp.does one exist ???
does anyone know?

miss boo boo peeps is one week into recovery from the "op" that had to happen but i kept putting off...,until last week ,when she came on heat,and well she taught us all a thing or 2 ....
one day boo will never be a mummy.

(much to astrids disgust~"how could you mummy")

whose up for a challenge ??????

come on scrappers ,i'd love to see the wonderrful layouts that those out there in the scrapworld can create .this is one i set last month ,but due to to unforseen circumstances /and lucky for all thosew who missed it can still jump in

heres the challenge over at scrap the girls.....

get your paints out

I'm totally addicted to bright paint

i almost have to use it on every layout .

create a layout using paints as a focus..

no pattern paper can be used, only cardstock and paint

pictures cut outs from children's books and hand written journaling..and have lots of fun"

you have until august 31st to get your layouts in...:)


and finally a huge shout out to the totally talented and very beautiful

CHELLE ,whom granted me a fabulous award

The Wylde Women Award is for your favorite Wylde Woman blogger. Here are the rules:1. You can give it to one or one hundred or any number inbetween - it's up to you. Make sure you link to their site in your post.2. Link back to this blogsite ( (so she can go visit all these wonderful women.Purpose of the Award: To send love and acknowledgement to women who brighten your day, teach you new things and live their lives fully with generosity and joy.

oh where do i start ....

so many women in the scrap community brighten my day

ruby rox....your comments and enthusiasm for art definately brighten my day

louise and robyn......who teach me new things(just quietly THEY BLOW MY MIND )

and to melissa,virginia and pamela ,whose generousity ,love and totally awesomeness definately make me proud and glad to call them friends.i admire their work and personal strength.

im sending a shout out to all the amazing people in my www life and real life,who make this world a wonderful place to be know who you are..yep thats right ,its YOU !


i have a pile of artwork to do...5 cjs are in my house atm..EEEKKK .guess what im doing this weekend .have a super weekend .



Anonymous said...

Python rules!


Ruby Claire. said...

Like always... you rock!! :D
And dood thanks for the award!! :D
Right back at ya ;)
You know... I did that paint challenge thang... but. I was given some butterflies punched out of pp and used them all over my LO.... so now i can't enter it!! SILLY STUPID mee!!!
HAVE a super dooper weekend doing all those CJs!

Virginia said...

Thank you for the award...I did your paint challenge. .Its on my blog.. Just for you...Thank You..

Binxcat1 said...

LOVING your work as ever witch... go see what I did today, inspired by YOU! Oh and I hereby PROMISE to get your (When I grow up) CJ done and handed on next week! Mwah... adn HUGE congrats on the SM BLITZ! You TOTALLY ROCK!

Binxcat1 said...

OH and we just got Holy Grail! LOL ;)

tammy vitale said...

congrats on joining the Wylde Women sisterhood! and thanks for passing the award along.

Australia! very cool. And you lived in Sweden for a while? There has to be a story there.

I love bright colors too...I have tried going muted, but it never looks right. Here's to bright colors. =]

Skye M J said...

hehe 'Bonjour Cobber!" You crack me up!!!

I once lived with a girl who had NEVER seen a Python movie! So I hired them ALL! Now she recites lines like a pro!

Am very loving your Star Boy LO! What a fabulous, quirky event!