Sunday, August 31, 2008

hello out there happy blog hoppers...

whats happening in your part of the world....
this weekend has been a busy one for me...a class to teach yesterday
(dont know if you would really call it teaching rather than chillin out )
with the super talented DEE MOLINA and the oh so amazing GEORGIA..
yes both superb talents in the scrapworld...
i just so happy that i got to meet Dee.
we live close ,but we have never caught up IRL..
so it was a blast to finally meet this cool chicky,
hope to do it again really soon .
i still cant believe she booked into a class with me .WTF
georgia came home and scrapped with me for the night..
.sorry i couldnt get to your stampin up party Jai...
paul fled the house of girls as soon as i got home from
My mum picked up the kids late yesterday arvo and they had a sleep over..yay nanna...
this morning we picked them up and took them to
shore thyme (thats disco stu's to us)for a warm delish breaky...
home for some cleaning ,some cooking,some blogging and
i'm just about 2 sit down and get creative again,dinner is cooked
and im ready to go .here some pics from the weekend ,a layout
and a circle journal ..and some shots of the girls and i ,oh my look
how gorgeous they are ,we all had haircuts last week,and asti's had
some foils ,evy her first fringe and layering ,her hair has become
more curly that ever i wonder where she gets thats from ??????????????????????????

meeting miss Dee
this is for a spiritual cj swap im in...this is alz cj ,and its such a masterpiece
im so bleesed to be able to have added to this cj..
here's my entry

i just adore this pic of miss E..its already printed and waiting to be scrapped.

i hope you all had a fun weekend..

sending out some Love & Sugar to all those who read this...


Dee Molina said...



(opps sorry about the caps).. hehe

Michelle Jamieson said...

Your girls are growing up so fast...and how gorgeous are they??
The new hair-do's look fabulous!

Love that L/O...I had the most wonderful time with you, too.
You're one of my Magic Makers!

Sensational CJ...Alz will adore that!

Chelle Xx

Ruby Claire. said...

OMG their hair doos look so gorgeous! And that CJ entry i think equals with all my other fav fab peices you have created! the LO is amazing of course! Cause you rock!!

Tanyah Payne said...

Your girls are so beautiful lisa and their new hair cuts are lovely! the layout you did of Warana...was a great weekend!

luv Tanxx

miasmummy said...

love the cj entry, truly spesh!! xxx

Donna said...

Oh Lisa - what beauty you create!!! Luv luv luv it all - but the spiritual cj is just gorgeous! What a shame you have to give it away! But what a special treat for the one who gets to keep it! I'm off to try my hand at some of your beautiful butterflies! Thanks for the inspiration my dear - and I do agree, that photo of Miss E is stunning - such a natural isn't she! X D

Natalia said...

That's beautiful journalling.."the power of meditation", i love meditating :) and "adhering to the laws of karma", i so believe that! "Belief in...I don't know if it's God, Goddess, the higher powers, Allah or Budhha. For me it's pure universal energy." - I don't know why but I find this so beautiful. I think I know what you mean and feel. Have you heard of Falun Dafa (or Falun Gong)? You might be interested in it because it talks about the universal principles and involves meditating for the improvement of the body, mind, and spirit. You can find out more about it at (